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My Attic Is Stuffed With Model Sailboat Kits
Tuesday, 3 May 2011
Why I Picked Model Sailboat Kits
On the deep blue ocean of a calm fall day, the wind seems to tease the waves into spikes of white froth. The usual tranquility is shattered by the sudden presence of a large boat that comes to a halt on the horizon. Dark rivulets of clouds wait above, gathering into what may be the biggest storm of the year. The small boat has nothing to fear, however, as its speed will carry it long and far away from the scene of the storm itself. The engine of these ships are small but very powerfully built pieces, and can allow the ship to reach speeds far beyond any other boat. The large and balanced sails help keep this ship on the right path and in great working condition.

No other item stands out quite as well as the famous model sailboat kits. Because they are so complex, model sailboat kits tend to do better in the end if constructed by a larger group of people. Deeply rooted in group building, model sailboat kits are rarely attempted and completed when alone. Unlike other kits, these kits have grand ships as an end goal, with the size alone requiring the aid of more than one person. In order for any completed model sailboat kits to become reality, the utmost in cooperation and communication must be used. Because of their group activity nature, many of these kits force people to come to work together like nothing else can.

The presence of model sailboat kits dates back to a time when modelers sold these items to whomever wanted to construct their own models kits rather than buying a completed model. Two types of modelers were instantly created: those original craftsmen, and those who made models from kits. Modelers could now simply put together a model from model sailboat kits and sell them as their own works. One of the most notable uses for model sailboat kits was that they could teach novice modelers the basics quite easily. Now, the youngest child to the oldest adult could make their own model from the kits. Many new modelers were born in this manner.

Interest in models can be piqued with the use of model sailboat kits. A war was one of the most popular times for these kits to be sold. These kits were considered some of the best gifts that could be given during both of the world wars. However, in a time of war metal was often scarce. Because of this demand, many kits were left with wooden parts. After the war, however, metal made a comeback in the use of model kits, much to the delight of children everywhere. Many consider their favorite aspect of building these items is the painting of each individual piece. The paints of these models can be any color, and often take imaginative turns thanks to the often young creators. More so than any other item on the market that makes models, model sailboat kits are used to both create a decorative piece as well as bring anyone who might be looking for a wonderfully fun time in.

Posted by isidrochenphd at 7:08 PM EDT
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